What does a Wedding Planner actually do?

How we can alleviate your stress

Embarking on the journey of planning your wedding is so exciting, but as you delve into the myriad of details, decisions, and research, it can quickly become overwhelming. Balancing this with a full-time job or other commitments adds an extra layer of challenge, even with supportive family + friends. However, what if those well-intentioned opinions start to feel overwhelming, or the wedding weekend arrives and you realized you miscalculated how much work this will take? This is precisely where the expertise of a wedding planner comes into play. A wedding planner can alleviate the stress, guide you through decisions, and ensure that you and your loved ones fully savor the day.

Wedding planners are industry experts offering invaluable resources to craft a personalized, beautiful, and seamless event within your budget. They allow you and your loved ones to focus on the enjoyable aspects of planning while handling the intricate logistics with vendors.

At Gatherings, we offer a range of packages, from Event Management to Full Planning, each designed to ensure your wedding day runs smoothly. Let’s briefly explore the distinctions between our Event Management and Full-Service package.

Event Management:

  • Initiates planning around 2 months/weeks before the wedding
  • Assists in communicating final details and logistics with selected vendors
  • Creates a comprehensive wedding weekend timeline
  • Onsite on the wedding day to ensure a smooth execution


  • Involved from the beginning, even before selecting a date and location
  • Assists in establishing a vision and realistic budget
  • Connects you with professional vendors and reviews contracts
  • Provides etiquette guidance and creates a cohesive design
  • Onsite on the wedding day to ensure flawless execution

While our planning packages cover essential services, our planners go above and beyond to guarantee a stress-free and enjoyable experience. Here are some additional, lesser-known services:

  • Sews back the bridesmaid’s dress
  • Creates an extra boutonniere on the spot
  • Wipes down ceremony chairs after an unexpected rain shower
  • Finds an alternate ice vendor when the other one doesn’t arrive (yes I have had this happen!)
  • Assists with personal tasks like helping you blot your face after a sweaty dance floor
  • Ensures you enjoy appetizers, dinner, and your favorite beverage
  • Packs up your personal items post-event & gets them in the right hands
  • Coordinates with caterers to ensure everyone gets fed in a timely matter
  • Handles emergencies discreetly, like ushering out wedding crashers (have also had to do this!)
  • Provides breath mints and tissues before the ceremony

The list goes on, showcasing the dedication of our planners to make your day extraordinary. A wedding planner is an invaluable investment, bringing expertise, experience, and peace of mind to your special day. Trust your planner, knowing they have your best interests at heart.

Ready to take the stress out of your wedding planning? Reach out to Gatherings at holly@gatheringsbyholly.com. Follow us @gatheringsbyholly for more helpful information about your wedding planning journey. If you’re realizing a planner sounds essential, we’d love to chat and answer any questions you might have about hiring a planner!