Unique ways to include guests in your ceremony…

How to include your loved ones

When it comes to including guests in your ceremony, there are many options! Getting them involved keeps guests engaged, makes your ceremony more lively and warm, and is nice especially if you don’t want to do all the talking during your ceremony!

Idea # 1 – Ring Warming Ceremony

Pass around your wedding bands at the beginning of the ceremony and ask your guests to hold the rings for a second, silently wish you well, and then pass them on to the next guest. Your rings now hold the blessings of all your guests before you exchange them, how special!

Idea # 2 – Verbal Blessing

You can do a call and response style verbal blessing with all your guests! Ask them if they will support you throughout your marriage journey, to which they can respond a resounding “We do!”

Idea # 3 – Build Your Bouquet

Have guests pick out single stem flowers as they arrive, and then gather flowers from your guests as you walk down the aisle or before the ceremony, if you are choosing to mingle then. Have someone bring a ribbon and there you go – a bouquet made with by your family and friends, with love.

Idea # 4 – Eternity Flower

Have guests come up during the ceremony and lay down single stem flowers in an infinity shape around both of you to represent your never-ending love!

Idea # 5 – Processional

Make it a parade! Join guests or designate a leader to show them the way to the ceremony or reception. Make it even more jovial by adding flags, kazoos, and balloons!

Idea # 6 – Reading

Ask one or multiple guests to read your favorite poem, relationship advice, or the story of how you met. Breaking it up into multiple readers makes the reading even more engaging! And no need for the guests to make it to the front of the ceremony – I think it’s cool when they just pop right up in the middle of the crowd and start reading!

Idea # 7 – Marriage Advice

Have one or a few guests read out their best marriage advice. Even cuter, include the question “What is your secret to a happy, healthy marriage” in your RSVPs and read those answers aloud during your ceremony!

Idea # 8 – Moment of Silence

Before your ceremony starts, ask guests to hold hands and bow their heads in a moment of silence to center themselves and bring peace to the ceremony before it begins. Alternatively, ask guests to close their eyes and take 3 deep cleansing breaths before it starts.

Idea # 9 – Flower Picking

Go flower picking with your wedding party or even all your guests to find flowers to decorate your big day with. Just make sure it is allowed in the area!

Idea # 10 – Unity Candle

Having a night or sunset ceremony? Give your guests candles to light as you also do a unity candle-lighting ceremony. The result will feel very unifying and will create a beautiful glow. This is also a good moment to remember those who have passed, if you want to incorporate a few words about your loved ones here.

Idea # 11 – Parent Vows

In addition to the vows to each other, create vows to your partner’s parents. Maybe reflect on your relationship so far and how you promise to uphold a great relationship with them too! This is also a good part for them to share their blessings over the marriage as well, if wanted!