Wedding Day Vendor Gratuity Guide

How & Who to tip

Understanding what to tip each vendor can be confusing! While you should always tip what you are comfortable, here is the standard guide for tipping. There are many different opinions about tipping for weddings and the truth is – there is no right answer. But tips are always appreciated for your vendors, like any service industry position, and can even ensure that your vendors put in even a little more extra effort into your special day!

Depending on your preferences and what the vendor offers, you can tip with cash the day of the event or via Venmo. Tips can be given to the vendor the day of the event, or after they completed their services. If tipping with cash, I can be in charge of the envelopes to hand out cash at the end of the night, or you can enlist a family member to do so!

Want to make sure you can support your wedding vendors in other ways, in addition to tipping them? Write them a glowing review after your wedding and send them over photos from your photographer that they can use for their website and social media!


Typically, you will tip around 15-20% for a photographer. If you decided to also hire a second shooter, a $50-$75 tip per person is a nice gesture!


Tipping $100-$200 per videographer is appreciated!


Usually caterers include a minimum tip that is from 15 to 20% that is already in your contract.


Same as above! Also ask the bartender if they can bring a tip jar so they can add to the amount of tips they get in the night, especially if you are doing a partially hosted bar!


Bakers do not typically require a tip but tipping the delivery team around $20 each is kind if you are having a complex setup for your cake or dessert station!


For DJs, classical musicians, or a live band, $25 to $50 per musician is a great gesture!

Hair and Makeup Artist

Like any salon visit, 15-20% is standard and appreciated for their services of glamming you for your big day!

Wedding Planner

Since I will be your planner, don’t want to tell you what to do here! Feel free to do your own research and do what feels right!