Gathering’s Core Values

What I believe in

I aspire to make your big day the most special and wonderful day of your life. I take your vision and make it a reality. By selecting the very best vendors, managing your budget, creating a custom timeline, & so much more, I take care of the planning so you can concentrate on all the exciting events that accompany this time of your life.

You’re probably overwhelmed with all the wedding information out there, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. I am here to help make your lives a little easier during a time that is often unnecessarily stressful for a lot of couples. Be it requiring help to find linens to match your wedding aesthetic or needing help to understand the best lighting for golden hour photos – I am here to answer any and all queries.

I also pride myself on working with my set of core values every day. I always strive to do my best for my couples, and use these core values to guide me every day…

01 Make it personal

Whatever makes you unique and authentic as a couple is what I want to build your wedding day around. I always make sure everything from the planning process to the day itself is tailored to who you both are and what you envision your day to be like

02 Approach it Creatively

I love thinking outside the box to solve problems. Whether it be helping you pick out your color palette, finding a more affordable solution, or solving a wedding day emergency, we love approaching everything with an inventive and can-do attitude

03 Lead with Empathy

I understand wedding planning can be a tough process. There are lots of decisions to be made, lots of family dynamics and opinions to navigate, and life doesn’t get less busy just because you are wedding planning. I always make sure to give my couples grace during the planning process. I’m here with you!