A little bit more about me

About me & the things I love

Hello! Holly here. I am so excited to meet you soon and hear all about your wedding day. Here are some quick fun facts about me so you can get to know me more…

My Hobbies

I love hosting themed parties with friends, decorating spaces, pretending I know how to garden, making overpriced charcuterie boards, and finding kitchsy Airbnbs.

My Pets

Our matching set. First came Millie then came Billie. Millie loves neck scratchies and Billie loves tennis balls and we love them both.

My Husband

We met in college but reconnected in San Francisco. We love going on drives to coffee shops, hitting up yard sales, and tinkering on our old cars.

My Wedding

We got married in 2020 in an intimate wedding in one of our favorite places: Palm Springs. We honeymooned in Japan 3 years later! Every year, Julian and I do a trip to renew our vows. Our first year we went to Vegas and renewed them in a pink Cadillac with Elvis! Highly recommend.

My Home

We love our little, old home. While it is a never-ending construction project, we are big fans of it’s charm, quirks, and the many memories we have made in it. We also love living in Boise! Idaho has so many wide open spaces and endless nature to explore.

Thank you for reading & I cannot wait to meet you!